Gear Shift

With Enda Walsh’s Penelope closed, Undermain has returned home to its Main Street basement.  Touring a production to the City Performance Hall required an “all hands on deck approach.”  As soon as the staff got back, however, their work sprouted off in all different directions. 

The next major production of the season is Strindberg’s Ghost Sonata, directed by Patrick Kelly and designed by John Arnone.  Ghost Sonata starts rehearsing on March 4th, but there is much to do before then. 

Rehearsals have already begun for Tindersticks, a workshop production of an original play from some of our staff members, sponsored by Undermain.  Tindersticks will be performed at Undermain on the 22nd and 23rd of this month.  

On March 10th, Undermain’s acclaimed reading series returns to the Dallas Museum Of Art, with Peter Brook’s Conference Of The Birds.

And preparations are already under way for the TCG conference, which comes to Dallas in June.  As a longtime representative of the theatre community, Undermain will be involved in hosting this massive event.

Here’s a quick look at what the office is up to, as of the first week of February.

Ariana Cook, Operations Manager

“I’m creating images for the Dallas Museum Of Art readings.”  On her computer is a potential post-card image for Rabindranath Tagore’s Sacrifice, which Ariana will be directing.

Katie Hall, Operations Intern

“I’m making invites for a reading.”  Katie is also designing costumes for Tindersticks.  “Oh yeah.  That, too.”

Dylan Key, Associate Director

“I’m working on casting Ghost Sonata.  Setting up production meetings for that.  At night I’m directing Tindersticks.”  As if that weren’t enough, Dylan is directing A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Cistercian Preparatory Academy, where he works as a Drama and Speech instructor.

Stephen Foglia, Literary Manager

“I’m tearing through plays to try to get ready for next season.  Also working on Tindersticks at night [Stephen is the playwright] and getting ready to direct Conference Of The Birds.”

Maryam Baig, Development Associate

“Well I’ve got that thing at night, as you know.”  Maryam is running Bengal Tiger At The Baghdad Zoo over at Theatre Three, for which she assisted with props and dialects.  “During the day it’s development stuff.  We’re working with a board member on a new website.  We’re working with TACA on the upcoming Silver Cup luncheon.  Fixing bugs in Giftworks.  Writing grants.  You know.”

Kenneth Bernstein, Technical Director

“I’m working on the seating for Ghost Sonata.  Planning with the designer [John Arnone], trying to catch problems and fix them before it’s too late.  We’ve bought fabric.  We’ve got scenery in the metal shop.  Just figuring out a tremendously complicated little show.”

Colleen Ahern

“I’m dong hospitality materials for the TCG conference.  It’s like suggestions and recommendations for out-of-town guests when they come to the conference in June.

Liz Acklin, Events Coordinator

Without missing a beat: “TCG conference.  Public transportation, barbecue, history of Dallas…”

Katherine Owens, Artistic Director

Bruce DuBose, Executive Producer

Kat and Bruce are in New York for the week, surely kicking back and enjoying themselves, basking in the success of their latest production…

Just kidding.  They’re up there having lots of meetings.  And many of those meetings are to plan for next season, Undermain’s 30th.

No rest.  The machine rolls on.