Staff Survey Series: Liz Acklin

Welcome to our new Staff Survey Series. Every week, we will be featuring a staff member at Undermain. This week is Liz Acklin, Events Coordinator at Undermain Theatre. Liz will also be playing the Lady In Black in Ghost Sonata.


Job at Undermain:  Events Coordinator

 Describe your typical day/duties at the theater. My job is to set up the events at Undermain and make sure the meeting space (usually kitchen) is clean, has fresh flowers and is ready for our guests.  I also order concessions for shows. My day usually involves at least one load of dishes.

 When I am not at Undermain I am: I enjoy being active. My husband and I are soccer fans and like going to FC Dallas soccer games as well as going to the Meyerson Symphony Center. When I have “free time” (doesn’t happen often) I enjoy working out or sitting on the couch watching Audrey Hepburn movies with my cat named Audrey Hepburn.

My favorite play is: The Seagull by Anton Chekhov. Nina’s quote “And when I think of my vocation, I am not afraid of life” has been influential to me.

I have been involved in theater since: Sophomore Year in high school which was… 2004 I think….

 I have seen more productions of__________ than any other play:The Glass Managerie

My favorite production at Undermain has been:  An Iliad

Current non-theatrical obsession:  Cooking, Baking, Flower arranging and gardening… and shoes… (Should have been around in the 1950’s)

Favorite theatrical tradition:  Smudging the space with sage before opening

Favorite aspect/quirk about Undermain:  I miss Mr. Midnight… We had to preface the goings on of the day with “News that didn’t involve Mr. Midnight”. We were all obsessed with him.

If I could see any theatrical production in history, It would be: ”Ye Bare and Ye Cub”- It was the first American Play ever written. There is no extant text of it, but we know it exists because of a lawsuit over the rights to the play. It was supposedly awful… but I still want to see it.

If I had to describe what love about theater in one word, it would be: Perseverance