Staff Survey Series: Katie Hall

Katie Hall

Job at Undermain: Intern/ASM

Describe your typical day/duties at the theatre: Every day is different; I do everything from running errands to designing programs for our productions.

When I am not at Undermain, I am:  Sleeping.  Between my internship and ASM position, I’m here 12 hours a day.

My favorite play is: I’ve been trying to choose a favorite play for the past 20 minutes and I can’t do it… I love musicals though and my favorite is The Last Five Years.

I have been involved in theater since: Freshman year of high school

I have seen more productions of A Christmas Carol than any other play.

My favorite production at Undermain has been: Penelope

Current non-theatrical obsession: fashion blogs.

Favorite theatrical tradition: all the superstitions!

Favorite aspect/quirk about Undermain: how the basement never looks the same production to production.

If I could see any theatrical production in history, It would be: Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline in Mother Courage, Shakespeare in the Park 2009.

If I had to describe what I love about theater in one word, it would be: magic.