Deep Ellum Dining fit for Epic Heroes

If you’re headed back to Undermain Theatre for An Iliad, chances are you’ll be looking for a bite to eat on your way in. On the other hand, after the exhausting battles and harrowing chases in which you’ll take part during the show, maybe you’ll have worked up an appetite afterwards. Either way, I’ve surveyed several members of the staff at Undermain about their top dining spots in the neighborhood. Because once you’ve survived a ten year war, the last thing you want to do is hunt for your food.

Literary Manager, Stephen Foglia enjoys dining outdoors at Il Cane Rosso. His top picks there are the vegetarian pizzas, including the Special K and the Vegetale. No matter what pizzas you choose, you can bet on it to get to your table in a heartbeat. At 900o , their Neapolitan style oven can have your pizzas baked in a minute and a half.

The Neapolitan style oven and pizza at Il Cane Rosso. Photo from

The Neapolitan style oven and pizza at Il Cane Rosso. Photo from

Associate Producer, Dylan Key is a fan of Pepe & Mito’s Mexican Café. Come for the $3 margaritas and enjoy the mole chicken enchiladas on the side.  Just down the street is Administrative Intern, Katie Hall’s top pick, Deep Sushi. Deep Sushi offers a selection of both traditional and unique items, including Katie’s favorite, the Ahi Tuna Tower.

A mouth-watering selection from Deep Sushi

A mouth-watering selection from Deep Sushi.

If you’re in the mood for barbeque, follow Technical Director, Ken Bernstein’s lead to Mama Faye’s BBQ. Ken says Mama Faye’s is “inexpensive, fast and has great lunch specials.” He recommends ordering the pulled pork sandwich with baked beans on the side. Though our new technical intern, Seamus Young is new to the neighborhood, he’s already noticed the enticing smells wafting over from Baker’s Ribs across the street and run into the friendly staff at the all-night diner, Buzzbrews Kitchen. The rest of us at Undermain can vouch for both these places. (Personally, I’m a huge fan of scrambled egg based meals at Buzzbrews like the Hare Krishna, all of which can be wrapped into a crepe at request.)

Almost anything can be served as a crepe at Buzzbrews Kitchen.

Almost anything can be served as a crepe at Buzzbrews Kitchen.

Operations Manager, Ariana Cook was eager to share her all time favorite restaurant in Deep Ellum, Lemongrass Asian Bistro. To use her exact words, “I. Love. Lemongrass. So. Much. Even though they have a large menu, everything on it is good.”  Ariana enjoys their many vegetarian dishes, reasonable wine prices, and free parking across the street. Development Associate, Maryam Baig chimes in, “my mouth is watering.” Maryam admits that though Thai Lotus Kitchen is not in Deep Ellum, the nearby mom-and-pop cafe is also a must-try. Located at Cedar Springs and Reagan, Thai Lotus serves huge portions and offers new specials every night.

Kristen Kelso, our new Exxon Mobile Intern, has nothing but good things to say about an Undermain favorite, the All Good Café. Kristen recommends ordering any breakfast item that includes bacon. She also shared this photo of the paper cranes that hover above tables at the All Good. The cranes, paired with dozens of band posters, give the café a charming Austin-esque vibe.

All Good Cafe

These paper cranes are only one of many charming and quirky elements at the All Good Cafe.

Undermain’s always-helpful Facilities Manager, Ben Bryant was full of dining suggestions, including the steak salad at Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop (“It’s a meal,” he says,) and Angry Dog, a bar and grill, which Ben says “has a chili dog that’ll curl your teeth.”

Last but not least, one of my favorite places to grab a bite in Deep Ellum is Twisted Root Burger Co. The low-key joint offers burgers for traditionalists and adventurous eaters alike with meats like ostrich, kangaroo, emu, boar and alligator on the menu. My go-to meal there is the Lots-a-Shroom burger, sweet potato chips and a Deep Ellum IPA.

blue cheese burger

Blue Cheese Burger from Twisted Root Burger Co.

sweet potato chips

The amazing sweet potato chips from Twisted Root.

Be sure to swing by one of these places when you come to An Iliad and let us know what you think. What are your favorite places to eat or grab a drink near and around Undermain? Tell us in the comments below!

[Colleen Ahern]