Staff Survey Series: Ken Bernstein

Ken Bernstein

Job at Undermain: technical director

Describe your typical day/duties at the theatre. I do theatre because there is no typical. On any given day I can be sourcing materials, drafting construction drawings,building or repairing sets, driving back and forth across the metroplex picking up supplies.  But in essence my job is to create the extraordinary out of the mundane.

When I am not at Undermain, I am: sleeping or restoring my 1928 prarie house

My favorite play is: Death of a Salesman

I have been involved in theater since: 1961 (age 5)

I have seen more productions of  A Christmas Carol (ran it for 3 seasons) –non participatory tie between The Fantastics and Pippen–than any other play.

My favorite production at Undermain has been:  An Illiad

Current non-theatrical obsession:  my family- Always

 Favorite theatrical tradition: opening night parties

 Favorite aspect/quirk about Undermain:  not being allowed to work all nighters

 If I could see any theatrical production in history, It would be Ubu Roi.

 If I had to describe what love about theater in one word, it would be: challenging