Staff Survey Series: Miranda Parham

 Miranda Parham

Job at Undermain:  Emerging Artist Intern

Describe your typical day/duties at the theatre: A woman with many hats, I like to post up in the kitchen (where the light shines in), equipped with my laptop and a cup of coffee, and await instruction. I sometimes generate content about the shows for Marketing, organize the database, or even run to the post office or Whole Foods.

When I am not at Undermain, I am…missing Undermain. Just kidding. I go running, cook awesome meals, explore Dallas, and see a lot of shows.

 My favorite play is: Paula Vogel’s How I Learned to Drive

 I have been involved in theater since: Middle school, if you count a junior production of Guys n Dolls.

 I have seen more productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream than any other play.

 My favorite production at Undermain has been: The Birthday Party

 Current non-theatrical obsession: the biscuits from Lucky’s Cafe on Oak Lawn. Woah.

 Favorite theatrical tradition: Applause!

 Favorite aspect/quirk about Undermain: Those dang columns.

 If I could see any theatrical production in history, It would be Medea.

 If I had to describe what I love about theater in one word, it would be: Surprise.