Staff Survey Series: Brittany Johnson

Brittany Johnson

Job at Undermain: Emerging Artist Intern

Describe your typical day/duties at the theatre. Everything from taping auditions to reading new scripts and writing blog posts! Everyday is different!

When I am not at Undermain, I am coaching/playing field hockey, hanging out with friends, or seeing shows!

My favorite play is Moliere’s Tartuffe.

I have been involved in theater since I was 8 years old. My parents sent me to Summerstage at the Dallas Theater Center and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I have seen more productions of The Little Foxes than any other play.

My favorite production at Undermain has been An Iliad.

Current non-theatrical obsession: Green Tea Lemonade with bubbles from Fat Straws (near the Galleria).

Favorite theatrical tradition: The Cast Party…theater people throw the best parties!

Favorite aspect/quirk about Undermain: The columns

If I could see any theatrical production in history, It would be The Glass Menagerie on Broadway co-directed by Margo Jones.

If I had to describe what I love about theater in one word, it would be the People.